Tenebrous Crown

I've been writing a book for a few years now. It draws on a lot of my personal experiences and stories and tells them in a new way. I started writing this during my time in the Coast Guard. This is a passion piece and is something that will most likely never go beyond me writing it. I have as of now, no intention to ever publish and sell it, if/when I finish it. Because of it never going beyond me writing it, I would like to explore what it could look like should I decide to publish it. 

The genre of the book is fantasy, but not Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter fantasy. It's a Young/New Adult, Dark, Heroic, Urban fantasy, that follows two young boys named Stephen and Aaron.

My goal was to create a book design and a promotional poster. I also really want to showcase what the book and the main characters, Stephen and Aaron, are about and how heavy the story is, without completely giving away the story. 


Final Product