Passion Play

This may sound a bit preachy or pretentious, but bear with me...

If all the world is a stage, then the parts we play must be one of intense passion, love, dedication, and emotional gravitas. We must learn to take our emotions and nail them to the boards for all the world to see. Our eyes, shall become deep whirlpools that engulf the viewer, bare the soul, as well as show our inner feelings and battles, yet still reflect the faces of the audience. If all the world is a stage, then all the world is a passion play. When the play is done, the viewer and the actor, shall hopefully be reborn and renewed.

This series analyzes mental illness along with the inner struggles and the way we see, present and show ourselves, to the world. Every image is taken with a 6–10 second exposure. The actor then attempts to portray themselves in at least 2 ways. Each person used is someone of a significant importance to me. Act 1 is myself, so nothing more to say there. Act 2–9 are friends, classmates, and/or coworkers, including one former romantic interest. Each image is printed on a metallic silver paper, to enhance the idea of “reflecting the faces of the audience.” The result is a series that is the culmination of my work with colored lights, motion, dark backgrounds, extreme low-key lighting, and intense portraits/self-portraits.

Below are photos from the opening night of the Imago exhibition. The photos were not taken
by me.