Graphic Design



De Stijl Stamps

This project was about taking a popular Design movement, selecting a few artists from that movement,
and creating a stamp series, first day cover, cancellation seal and an envelope, that accurately
depict the movement.


Jaysin Identity & Stationery

At some point, every designer brands and rebrands them self. This is my process and the variations
that lead to my current identity and stationery. 


Bialogue Website

Bialogue is a group formed in the early 2000's. Their mission is to combat bisexual erasure and start a
dialogue about bisexual issues. The current site looks like it was designed at the formation of the
group, but no one has touched it since.

Tenebrous Crown Book Cover & Promotional Poster

I've been writing a book for a few years now. It draws on a lot of my personal experiences and
stories and tells them in a new way. I have no intention of releasing the book, so I thought it
would be fun to come up with what the book could look like.


Bisexual Art

Bisexuality in art is unreasonably underrepresented. Often times, it's just called gay art or lgbt art.
This book takes a look at the history of bisexuality, then discusses a few prominent bisexual
artists and their works.