Bialogue = Bisexual + Dialogue.

For this project, I wanted to start a Bialogue. In laments term I want to begin a dialogue about bisexual issues in order to combat the stereotypes, biphobia, and bisexual erasure that exist in our society. This is important because in a civilized society it is important talk about, teach, understand, and accept each other so that we can be united and achieve our mutual goals. Bisexual issues are largely ignored and not discussed. Beyond even being discussed bisexual issues and bisexual people are woefully underrepresented. This has a profound effect and has lead many bisexual people to feel these effects of what is aptly called Bisexual Erasure.This leads to misinformation, stereotypes, depression, anxiety, high suicide rates and other problems.

My goal for the project, was to create a site, that could provide support and knowledge, so that these young adults can be more confident in their sexuality. The tone will be educational, friendly, but also fun. I am thinking a website that can be used by to reach out and talk to other bisexuals, learn more, get involved, politics, find out famous bisexuals, etc. I want them to use this artifact and feel comfortable coming out, having the resiliency that the bisexual community is known for having, and not being afraid to talk about being bisexual, because ultimately increasing visibility will decrease the effects of biphobia and bisexual erasure.

So I redesigned and realigned a preexisting site and updated their identity.


Final Product