This is where I attempt to entice you, with a craftily worded introduction into who I am or talk about my work... Well I guess here goes...
My name is Jaysin Saxton. I am Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Painter. I am heavily influenced by modern art, starting from after World War I to today.  It’s hard to explain my work. I can’t tell you what to see, all I can say is, “here, take a look at this” and hope you get it or come to your own individualized response. My work mostly dwells in abstraction.
The inspiration for my work comes from the effect it leaves on the viewers, as well as my interest in abstract art, comic books, video games, and the human psyche. I like to challenge the viewer to challenge their perceptions and beliefs, to look deeper. I relish the moments, when the viewer sees something I didn’t consider and when they see my vision as well. 
In my pieces, I like to avoid absolute realism. If I do not bring you to a new place, then I have failed. I achieve this in very subtle ways, by adding things in places, where they normally wouldn’t be or by economizing until the bare essentials are left. Although, I mainly dwell in the world of abstract and nonobjective art, every now and then I have to do a representational piece, whether it be for school, work, or for a tattoo design. These pieces are challenging for me, but I welcome and love the challenge.
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